Solar P.V. Technical Information

Here are 11 reasons 11 why Solar PV technology is proving to be such a worthwhile investment:

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Due to feed in tarriffs introduced in april 2010, receive 25 years of payments taxfree and index linked, for generating your own solar electricity
  • Receive additional payments for sending unused electricity back to the grid
  • It is a financial investment typically producing returns of 8-10%
  • Play a major role in reducing carbon emmissions and do your part for the environment
  • One of the most reliable methods of producing electricity
  • Manufacturer’s warrantee covers the panels for 20-25 years but their true life span is beyond 30 years
  • Very low maintenance
  • Completely silent
  • Zero running costs
The following payments are made to the system owner based on a retro fit and commence once the system has been commissioned after installation. This can only be done by a certified, government recognised installer:

  • A minimum payment will be received for all electricity generated on site by the system. (this is currently 14.9p per KW Hour)
  • More money will be saved as you get free use of the electricity you have generated on site, reducing your energy bill.
  • An additional payment of 4.64p p/kWh can be received for unused electricity which can be sold back to the grid.
The feed-in tariff (FIT) is a new government scheme brought into effect as of 1st April 2010 rewarding homeowners for generating their own clean, renewable electricity.

The customer will be paid by the energy supplier for each kilowatt hour of electricity their system produces even if it is used in their own home.

The current amount is up to 14.9 pence per kilowatt hour. However, this price is index linked and will rise with inflation ruling out the risk of your investment losing value over time. An additional 4.64 pence p/kWh will be paid for electricity exported back to the grid.

The government will also guarantee your feed-in tariff payments for the next 20 years. This coupled with the new high rate feed-in tariff not only means payback on the system will be significantly quicker, but it will also add value to your home, increase its appeal and saleability.

You may ask how this is financially viable for the government and energy suppliers. Commitments to reduce carbon emissions from the UK government means that they have decided to make small scale renewable energy an attractive option to homeowners. They will be able to afford the overly generous feed-in tariff payments because the price of electricity to the standard consumer is set to rise continually and drastically over the coming years. This will not only push people towards renewable energy sources but also secure future energy supplies.

Current Feed-In Tariff levels for Connected PV Installations

Size of PV System Tarrif Level for new installations (p/kWh)

  • 4 kW (new build) 14.9p
  • 4 kW (retro fit) 14.9p
  • 4-10 kW 13.5p
  • 10-50kW 12.57p
Most Roofs will be able to support a solar PV system. They can be attached to pitched roofs or flat roofs, fixed vertically onto external walls or located on the ground. They should work efficiently in most locations as long as they are not shaded. Solar PV panel installations cause minimum disruption and can be retrofitted. The system can also be fitted to a building’s electricity supply. Solar PV panels can be fitted in different configurations depending on the local conditions e.g. to follow the shape of a roof or to avoid a roof light. If you have any further queries or concerns do not hesitate to get in touch.

Step 1:

  • You contact us
  • We arrange a survey and consultation
  • We visit and inspect the site
  • We provide a free, no obligation quotation

Step 2:

  • You agree the quotation
  • You pay a deposit
  • We order and test the components
  • We arrange an installation period (3-5 days)

Step 3:

  • We install the system
  • We test and commission the system
  • We collect the final payment
  • We provide a warranty

Solar Panel Modules & Inverters Used: