75% Grant for Electric Vehicle Charging Points via Government Funding

We have been installing domestic and commercial electric vehicle (EV) points across Essex, for over 2 years, we’re government/OLEV approved and for a limited time only, the OLEV grant covers 75% of the eligible costs [with no over-inflation or cross-subsidising of costs].

This EV charing Point Offer Includes:

  • Rolec WallPod EV : HomeCharge unit – the best product on the market
  • Full Installation Including Materials** – carried out by an accredited team
  • Full Test and Certification – for full peace of mind

Leading the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway and Orton and Wenlock are delighted to be part of it, and leading the way.

We have now been supplying and installing electric vehicle charging points for over for over 2 years. We work with commercial organisations, and we also work in partnership with the UK’s leading manufacturers, Rolec, to serve domestic home owners.

The electric vehicle trade is increasing dramatically, we are currently accredited to offer grant funded electric vehicle charging units to home owners (subject to survey) with electric vehicles, either owned, leased, financed or company electric vehicles.

At Orton and Wenlock, we’re proud to be leading the way, having taken delivery of one of the first BMWi3 totally electric vehicles in the country, just over 12 months ago.

Have you seen us out and about in Bev? (Our Electric BMWi3)


  • We’ve travelled over 19000 miles in Bev
  • Which would have cost us £496.50 in electric (see note below)
  • Prior to owning our EV, our fuel bill would have been £3405.54

That’s a saving of £2929.04, in just 12-months.

Note: Because we generate our own electric, via Solar PV on-site, in reality, it has only actually cost us around £250 to run our Electric Vehicle for a whole year.

According to an article on The Guardian Website Europe’s electric vehicle market surged by 37% last year but electric cars still make up just 0.6% of overall new car registrations.

In addition to the ROLEC funding, OLEV are also assisting the purchase of new Electric Vehicles, offering up to £5000.00 grants, in association with EV dealerships.

Over 3000 Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the UK

The public are unaware of the large number of public electric vehicle charging sites across the UK, including 3173 UK locations, meaning over 8000 public charging points. These can be viewed live on www.zap-map.com where more site information is available.

You will find public charging stations at various locations including:

  • Asda
  • Waitrose
  • Motorway Service Stations
  • Car Parks
  • Park & Ride Station
  • Train Stations

Grant Scheme Extended Until Funds Run Out

The EV home charging points, via Rolec EV, in association with the OLEV domestic charge point grant scheme has been extended until funds run out – contact us today to find out if you are eligible.

The following units that are still covered under the scheme:

  • 16A 5m Type 1 (J1772) Tethered Lead
  • 16A 5m Type 2 (IEC62196) Tethered Lead
  • 16A Type 2 (IEC62196) Charging Socket

New 32A Units now included, for the first time:

  • 32A 5m Type 1 (J1772) Tethered Lead
  • 32A 5m Type 2 (IEC62196) Tethered Lead
  • 32A Type 2 (IEC62196) Charging Socket

Reasons to Choose Rolec EV Charging Units:

  • Simple, Low Cost, Safe, Home EV Charging
  • Plugged in Places Compliant
  • OCPP Compliant
  • OLEV Accredited
  • eCar Accredited (Ireland)

Rolec WallPod EV HomeCharge is a simple, low-cost, easy to install mode 3 fast-charge EV charging station offering either 16amp or 32amp IEC62196 (type 2) sockets, designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home.

This OLEV and eCar accredited charging station is also eligible for government grant funding where applicable.

WallPod HomeCharge provides fast at-home EV Charging via a 16amp or 32amp J1772 (type 1) tethered lead connection and is compatible with a wide range of current electric vehicles. More information can be views on the Rolec Website.

Vehicle compatibility includes:

  • Vauxhall Ampera
  • Ford Transit Connect EV
  • Mitsubishi iMiEV
  • Citroen C-Zero
  • Peugeot Ion
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Tesla Roadster
  • Many other vehicles

The WallPod EV HomeCharge unit has the following Performance Specification:

  • Easy to install / low maintenance
  • Designed to be permanently located outdoors or indoors
  • Available in both 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW) formats
  • CE approved J1772 charging gun complete with 3m or 5m tethered lead
  • Secure charging gun holster
  • High quality flexible charging cable
  • Cable management system
  • Mode 3 IEC61851-1 compliant communication protocol
  • A built-in 16amp or 32amp RCBO accessible via an IP65 rated access door
  • Full overload and fault current protection
  • Multiple supply cable entry points

Also available through Rolec EV is a range of electric vehicle connection accessories including:

  • IEC62196 to J1772 leads
  • IEC62196 to IEC62196 leads
  • J1772 to J1772 leads
  • Lockable J1772 charging guns
  • IEC62196 tethered leads
  • J1772 tethered leads
  • IEC62196 ev charging sockets & covers
  • EV charging station signs
  • EV charging protection (kWh meters, time clocks)
  • Cable catcher
  • TUV approved charging cable

* Subject to terms and conditions
** Subject to site survey